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Product Design

Each Innovation Inspires The Next

WPI turns your ideas into reality
with end-to-end design solutions.

Our talented, experienced staff is passionate about turning ideas and concepts into exceptional products. From consumer research all the way through product implementation, we make certain that concepts are optimized to benefit the customer, the end user, and the manufacturer. This aligned strategy and detailed process result in truly innovative products that can go to market quickly and successfully.

WPI has the unique ability to take your project from consumer research all the way through production implementation. Our holistic development process and integrated technologies ensure that the functional and emotional needs of the end user, commercial needs of the customer, and the realities of manufacturing are aligned to create innovative products. From concept development through manufacturing, our talented staff of experienced designers, engineers, and project managers is passionate about turning ideas into exceptional products.

Industrial Design

Combining exceptional form with superior function to create products that demand your attention and provide the ultimate user experience. At WPI, we concern ourselves with the interaction of human factors (desirability), technical factors (feasibility), and business factors (viability) to optimize the appearance, function, and value of our customers’ products. The integration of research networks, industrial design, design engineering, and manufacturing expertise creates product concepts that can be efficiently produced and commercialized.

Design Engineering

Innovative solutions lead to exceptional products. This necessarily technical phase of development is still part of the creative process at WPI. Through a research process, virtual prototyping, computer analysis, physical prototyping, and testing problems are discovered and solved early, saving our customers time and money.

Design Verification/Prototyping

Get physical fast is the mantra at WPI. It is never too early to start evaluating the form, fit, and function of a design. From the simplest sculpted form models, proof-of-concept models, test models to Looks Like/Works Like prototypes, WPI has the cutting edge technologies and craftsmanship to meet our customers’ needs. Virtual prototypes, photorealistic rendering, Fused Deposition Modeling, RTV castings, CNC machining, Mold Flow Analysis, etc. are available to evaluate and validate designs.

Tooling Development

Every project has unique requirements regarding tooling costs, product costs, and speed to market. WPI offers a variety of options and experienced consultation to develop and implement a plan that will work best for you. We provide rapid tooling, bridge tooling, or production tooling to get your products to market in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Product Testing

Functional testing of prototypes and competitive products is managed and performed by an independent test lab within WPI. All testing is done in a secure facility managed to protect the confidentiality of our customers’ projects. This independence and security ensures unbiased test data for our development teams and customers.

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Innovative Solutions

WPI provides solutions for design and development, manufacturing and assembly, storage and distribution, and many other value-added services. Contact us today and let us get started on your next innovation.