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We Provide Innovation

WPI is an idea company. Our people, our drive to innovate, and our technologies are what turn those ideas into exceptional products.

Innovation Through Collaboration

It all starts with an idea. Then, through collaboration with our customers and our network of capabilities, we develop that idea into a successful reality. WPI provides research and concept testing, design and development expertise, manufacturing and assembly solutions, storage and distribution capabilities, and many other value-added services. Combining our experienced teams with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art facilities, WPI  uses innovation to turn ideas into exceptional products.
A revolutionary new line of dispensing products offering unsurpassed quality, functionality and customization.

Wisconsin Plastics is excellent at defining the problem and developing solutions. Superior collaboration and teamwork.  Excellent communication and project management.  Extraordinary turnaround.  Solid business competencies.  High integrity.  WPI is the kind of supply partner you want to have on your team.
Donna Santoro, Vice President and General Manager, VI-JON